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BUZZER will first help you understand your technology needs given the nature of your business domain and the size and scale of operations you are planning. It will also help you prepare a complete outlay of the IT infrastructure your business would require, enlist a wide range of technology options offered by leading technology companies, aid you in the choice and installation of the entire System and Network Infrastructure from scratch to finish and provide you all the necessary support from thereon. In short BUZZER takes up the roles and responsibilities of an In-house IT Department through its Tech Support Service.
BUZZER can work hand-in-hand with your In-house IT department in easing up bottle necks in managing your IT infrastructure, automate basic system and server support, offer critical short-term support, provide add-on technical resources, specialized expertise and also help you look at the big picture for long-term planning and upgradation of IT resources.
BUZZER is predictable and proactive. Other typical IT Consulting Services bill their clients on hourly basis, which result in high and unpredictable charges. BUZZER offers Inclusive Flat-rate Service Tariffs, which totally eliminate sudden unforeseen expenditure and hidden service costs. Under one fixed price - flat monthly/yearly subscription BUZZER helps you avail essential IT services. BUZZER with its proactive approach to problem-solving, 'plans, implements and documents IT support' and ensures the health and security of each and every IT infrastructure under its care through constant and vigilant monitoring.
Hardware manufacturers certainly extend support to fix the computers they sell. Initially they try to fix errors remotely by guiding you and if that doesn't help they send a support personnel. Each time they randomly allocate a support personnel to address the issues you face with their hardware. The service provided by them will be limited to the hardware units sold by them, not other peripherals, network infrastructure or software you independently installed in them. For a single issue that spans across multiple factors you may have to call each one of seller or service provider separately to find a solution. Overall you may end up spending more time, money and patience. BUZZER on the other hand provides an A-Z service, helps you trouble-shoot instantly via internet or over phone or by sending a service technician to your site, since it has a local presence. Further BUZZER documents 'Issues and Solutions' provided to you, so the next time a BUZZER technician is resolving an issue your computer is struck with it helps them to be precise and quick.

Support & Services

BUZZER is an authentic reseller of major brands in the market. You can buy hardware or software products from BUZZER at highly reasonable prices, remain assured of hassle-free installation and after support. If you already have a subscription for any BUZZER Tech Support Plan, BUZZER also helps you choose your right hardware product, one that is compatible with your network infrastructure.
Yes! BUZZER's alliance partners include several reliable Local and National Broadband Internet Providers trusted for the solutions they offer to SMBs. Your BUZZER Technician can assist you get a Broadband Internet Service with minimal effort.
We have seen that a variety of issues that appear complex can be resolved with minimal assistance, because a host of such issues and their possible solutions that are tried, tested and applied by BUZZER in the past are documented to serve as an 'Instant trouble-shooting guide'. It helps us provide our clients get quicker solution to issues they confront. Now, when an issue persists even after immediate remote assistance, BUZZER is prompt in sending its service technicians to your site to provide all necessary assistance.
An internet connection would go a long way in establishing better support infrastructure. It will help us monitor the 'Health' and 'Security' of your computers through our Remote Desktop Software, prevent issues and trouble-shoot them immediately. It also conserves manpower resources, in turn aiding us provide you the affordable business models we offer you through our flat subscription plans. However if you do not have a broadband connection BUZZER still provides you the necessary onsite support covered by your service plan.
Yes! BUZZER has Flat Rate plans that cover onsite repair of computers.
Apart from addressing issues and responding to distress calls, your BUZZER technician will make a pre-planned monthly visit to monitor general maintenance of your System and Network infrastructure. The technician also verifies if all security tools and mission critical applications are live and up-to-date, prepares a periodical health report of devices and networks, answers queries, takes feedback on support provided by BUZZER and also records your suggestions or grievances, if any.
BUZZER provides all-inclusive one package solution to the needs of Small and Medium Sized Businesses, which essentially includes Management of Individual Desktops, Printers, Servers and Network infrastructure. Our core objective is to empower SMBs who do not have an In-house IT department or cannot hire high-priced consultants. We provide them a similar level of support as offered by an In-house IT department and the expertise of a consultant sans an exorbitant price tag.
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