The Brand

BUZZER is a brand from OnCall Services Limited, which operates out of Hong Kong as it HQ. It was founded by people who have seen the origin of Internet and sailed through its evolution. Their remarkable voyage, the experience accrued by them, is embedded in the making of this brand. Every BUZZER team member representing the BUZZER Management and Service team is a Technical Pro, a BUZZER adept in Tools and Technology of this Industry. BUZZER is a Brand with a Mission. It was launched in the year 2016 amidst an Industry practice of expensive and unpredictable way of pricing IT consulting services based on hourly charges. Large Businesses in Hong Kong could afford setting up In-house IT technical teams or Hire Consultants irrespective of the cost involved. Whereas Mid-sized and Small Businesses were often left with ineffective In-house teams or expensive consultants or a concoction of both.

As an alternative, the founder of BUZZER, a former CTO of a Multinational company fostered BUZZER with a customer-friendly pricing formula - a Flat-rate subscription that covers a range of IT Technical Support Services under One fixed price. It roots out high and unpredictable pricing practices prevalent in this Industry, and the customer is not let to compromise on quality either. BUZZER provides prompt and proactive IT Support Services, helps free In-house resources, foresee and hold expenses within predictable numbers. BUZZER in short is an empowering business-friendly tool.

The Company

BUZZER is a full-fledged IT Support Service Provider with versatile teams of IT Specialists. Each BUZZER team comprises of CIO's, certified network administrators, security engineers and system analysts. Support personnel part of BUZZER teams are certified specialists with outstanding experience in multiple technology domains and are equally conversant in corroborating with both Technical and Non-technical staff of clients. They are selected from among best of experienced engineers through a stringent multi-stage recruitment process and are trained to deliver the best possible IT support.

BUZZER is Proactive. Our Business Model works on a proactive approach to problem solving. We don't wait for something to breakdown to fix it. Preventing a problem consumes lesser resources than fixing a problem. We remotely monitor computers and networks of each IT infrastructure under our care for several pre-defined aspects central to their health and security. And this we do round-the-clock. It helps us in not only securing strategic mission critical assets of our clients, but also in foreseeing several other lesser known potential risks. Every displacement we thus monitor is responded to immediately without waiting for serious lapses to occur.

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